SAP Preparations for Consolidation (FI)

Preparations for Consolidation (FI) is a document provided by SAP AG. This SAP FI article is intended for SAP System Administrators, Finance and Controlling (FICO) developer and SAP technology Consultants.
This Financial Accounting (FI) document explains you preparation for consolidation in the FI-LC and EC-CS systems such as its overview, general aspects of consolidation, consolidation of subsidiaries, consolidating company codes and business area consolidation, etc. Moreover you will learn integration of consolidation with other SAP modules, its implementation and sub categories such as consolidation of companies, consolidation of business units within a company, consolidation of business areas, consolidation of profit centers, and consolidation of product group, etc.
This SAP FI article covers following topics and more in detail.
  • Preparations for Consolidation (FI)
  • FI - Preparations for Consolidation in the FI-LC and EC-CS Systems
  • Overview
  • General Aspects of Consolidation
  • Distribution Scenarios
  • Key Structures
  • Data Transfer Methods
  • Comparison of Data Transfer Procedures: Periodic Extract, Real time Update and Roll up
  • Creating Initial Data Sets in the Consolidation Staging Ledger and Consolidation
  • Processing Ledger
  • Initial Data Set in the Consolidation Staging Ledger
  • Initial Data Set in the Consolidation Processing Ledger
  • Consolidation of Subsidiaries (Legal Consolidation)
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Deriving and Assigning Trading Partners
  • Currency Translation
  • Deviating Valuations
  • Valuating Fixed Assets
  • Valuating Current Assets
  • Transaction Types
  • Consolidating Company Codes (Business Units)
  • Business Area Consolidation
  • Organizational Units ‘Business Area’ and ‘Consolidation Business Area’
  • Financial Statement Presentation in Reporting
  • Business Area and Partner Business Area Assignments
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