SAP Payment Program for Payment Requests (FI-BL)

Payment Program for Payment Requests (FI-BL) is a document provided by SAP AG. This SAP FI article is intended for SAP System Administrators, Finance and Controlling (FICO) developer and SAP technology Consultants.
This SAP FI article explains the automatic payment option of SAP system named Payment program for Payment Requests (FI-BL). This article explains you how to make payments to customer and vendors based on payment requests. Moreover you will learn payment processing, payment in third currencies and to updated payment data in cash management, etc.
This SAP Financial Accounting (FI) payment article covers following few topics in detail.
  • Payment Program for Payment Requests (FI-BL)
  • Payment Request
  • Procedure: Payment Program for Payment Requests
  • Selection of Payment Requests
  • Grouping of Payments
  • Payment method and bank determination
  • Posting and Clearing
  • Customizing of the Payment Program
  • House Banks
  • Payment Methods
  • Payment Method: Additional Specifications
  • Forms
  • Control of the Payment Program
  • Execution of the Payment Program
  • Selection for the Payment Run
  • Overview of the Payment Run Procedure
  • Selecting Banks and Planning Available Amounts
  • Parameters for the Payment Program
  • Creating the Payment Proposal
  • Editing the Payment Proposal (Online)
  • Running the Payment and Payment Medium Programs
  • Data Medium Exchange and Data Medium Administration
  • Archiving Object - Payment Request
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