SAP FI/SD - Credit Management/Risk Management

SAP FI/SD - Credit Management/Risk Management is a document provided by SAP AG. This SAP FI document is intended for SAP System Administrators, Finance and Controlling (FICO) developer and SAP technology Consultants.
This SAP FI articles explains you how to minimize credit risk by implementing credit limit with FI Credit Management/Risk Management component and how to avoid outstanding receivables or bad debts. With the help of this article you will learn to integrate Credit management component with Account Receivable (FI-AR) application component and SAP Sales and distribution (SD) application component. Moreover you will learn Credit management features such as monitoring credit sales, credit control and more.
Following are the few topics covered in this SAP FI document.
  • FI/SD - Credit Management/Risk Management
  • Monitoring Credit During Sales and Distribution Processing
  • Credit Control Area
  • Credit Control Area
  • Deriving the Credit Control Area
  • Specifying Credit Limits by Credit Control Area
  • Creating Credit Data
  • Credit Limits for Groups of Customers
  • Defining Credit Limits for New Customers
  • Processing Credit Data
  • Displaying Credit Data
  • Resetting Credit Limits
  • Sales and Distribution Functions in Credit Management
  • Sources of Information in Credit Management
  • Postings Without Credit Limit Checks
  • Credit Management in Distributed Systems
  • Reports for Credit Management
  • Automatic Credit Controls in SD
  • Defining an Automated Credit Check
  • Different Types of Credit Checks
  • Subsequent Functions in Credit Checks
  • Reviewing and Releasing Credit Holds
  • Informing Credit Representatives Automatically
  • Risk Management for Receivables in SD
  • Forms of Payment Guarantee
  • Determining the Form of Payment Guarantee
  • Calculating the Credit Value
  • Displaying an Amount Guaranteed for Payment
  • Settings for Credit Management and Risk Management: Overview
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