SAP FI Electronic Bank Statement

FI Electronic Bank Statement is an article provided by SAP AG. This SAP FI article is intended for SAP System Administrators, Finance and Controlling (FICO) developer and SAP technology Consultants.
This SAP FI article applies to SAP R/3 systems and it explains FI electronic Bank statement processing in detail. With the help of this SAP FI article you will learn various processing steps of electronic bank statement such as importing data, entering, processing, posting and displaying data. Moreover you will learn to start program and to configure SAP FI system for this use.
Following are the few topics covered in this SAP FICO article.
  • Electronic Bank Statement: Configuration
  • Core Terms and Their Significance for Configuration
  • External Transaction
  • Posting Rules
  • Transaction Type
  • Posting Specifications and Account Determination
  • Account Symbols And Account Allocation
  • Assigning G/L Accounts to Account Symbols
  • Account Allocation for Business Transactions in Foreign Currency
  • Account Allocation Using Function Enhancement: Account Modification
  • Recommended Sequence of Configuration Tasks
  • Creating Transaction Types
  • Allocating Banks
  • Creating Keys For Posting Rules
  • Allocating External Transactions
  • Defining Posting Rules
  • How Does The Automatic Posting Function Work?
  • Information in the Electronic Bank Statement
  • Using the Electronic Bank Statement for Postings and Clearing
  • Electronic Bank Statement: Usage
  • Importing Data
  • Interpreting the Note to Payee Fields
  • Output Data
  • Executing the Program
  • Displaying the Overview
  • Post processing Bank Statements Using the Transaction
  • Post processing Bank Statements with Batch Input Sessions
  • Conversion Programs
  • Functional Enhancements For The Electronic Bank Statement
  • Formats For The Electronic Bank Statement
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