SAP FI Project Processing: Payments

SAP FI Project Processing: Payments is a document provided by SAP AG. This SAP FI document is intended for SAP System Administrators, Finance and Controlling (FICO) developer and SAP technology Consultants.
This SAP FI article explains you about payments during project processing such as planning and monitoring payments. With this SAP FI component you will learn to do business transactions with costs affecting expenditures for best payment flow by ensuring required cash is available. Moreover you will learn project cash management and Payment component's integration with SAP Financial Accounting (FI), SAP MM and SAP SD.
Following are the few topics covered in this SAP FI Project Payment Guide.
  • Project Payments Overview and features
  • Project Cash Management
  • Organizational Units in Project Cash Management
  • Manual Payment Planning
  • Planning Payments Manually
  • Individual Planning Layouts and Planner Profiles
  • Adjusting Plan Values
  • Calculating the Payment Flow Automatically
  • Payment Plan Data from Networks
  • Payment Plan Data from WBS Elements
  • Payment Plan Data from Sales Documents
  • Recording Actual and Commitment Payment Data
  • Payment Data from Invoicing Plans for Purchase Orders
  • Payment Transfers
  • Evaluating Payment Data
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